Progress and Attainment
The document below contains information with regard to the progress and attainment of pupils at Chadsgrove,
All pupils at Chadsgrove have significant learning needs and, as such, generally do not achieve the expected standard or above in the core subject areas.
However, the document does show the progress that pupils do make in relation to their starting points and this is something that we are all very proud of!
Pupils generally stay at Chadsgrove until the end of the school year in which they are 19
At that point, destinations include:
Local colleges of further education e.g HOW College and Brierley Hill College (2 pupils in 2017)
Residential placements at specialist colleges e.g. National Star (2 pupils in 2017)
Day placements at specialist colleges e.g. National Star (1 pupil in 2017)
Chadsgrove 19-25 provision (5 pupils in 2017)
Social Care Provision (0 pupils in 2017)
Additional information on the performance of pupils at Chadsgrove can be found via the link below