Effective Practice for Pupils with PMLD


Friday 29th March 2019       10.00a.m. – 4.00p.m.

£110 including lunch

For special schools


Those who work with pupils with PMLD will recognise the dilemma between knowing that most pupils will make progress over each Key Stage, and proving such progress.

This day offers an intensive exploration of the characteristics of PMLD as well as extending discussion into the theoretical context for the use of distinctive pedagogical approaches. It will explore practical issues such as the personalisation of pupil assessment and the importance of sensory function, the design of learner profiles, understanding idiosyncratic learning styles, setting and incorporating learning targets, ideas for curriculum design, and the use of performance data for pupils with PMLD across all Key Stages.

By the end of the day participants will:

  • have a practical appreciation of individual learning styles of pupils with PMLD
  • have explored how assessment can be personalised in order to inform the production of pupil profiles
  • hold practical ideas for setting and incorporating individual pupil targets into lesson plans
  • have reflected on how performance data can be made relevant for pupils with PMLD

Course led by Peter Imray