Fun Activities

It's Magic!
Magic Bob, a very generous magician, has offered to do a free magic show for pupils when we are open fully. However, in the meantime he has 4 magic tricks for pupils to learn via his website. Click here and the enter the password WIZARDSCHOOL
Guess who...
So, did you work out that it was Jackie Stansby?
Here's a fun video for you...Chadsgrove staff do 'When will my life begin'
Can You Save the world?

Here's a family-friendly educational game to help face the Coronavirus pandemic. Playersof all ages can become better at social distancing through playing ! Try it here

Attention Doctor Who's some fun stuff for you while you're Staying in the TARDIS
Want to bring a touch of Hogwarts magic to your new daily lives? Then visit the Harry Potter At Home website...
Also, all Harry Potter audio books are available to listen to free here.
Visit Edinburgh Zoo from the comfort of your home! Access live webcams here
Write a film Review
To help young people flex and develop their literacy and analytical skills while schools are closed, Into Film are launching a film review competition. Every two weeks they will select a winner who will receive a £20 Amazon voucher.  Review 100 encourages young people to write a review of any film they watch in 100 words or less. For full details click here.
Lots of pictures to colour in here!
Why not take the Lego challenge?