How to Write Social Stories

to Develop Social Competence for Pupils on the Autism Spectrum

Friday 5th December 2019         10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

£110 including lunch 

For mainstream and special schools


This course will introduce the use of stories to address social understanding difficulties encountered by people on the autism spectrum. Stories can be a powerful tool in positive behaviour intervention if they are written for specific individuals as narratives to describe situations, skills or concepts that they find difficult in relation to social settings.

Participants will look at methods for assessing the issues that need to be addressed, and how to apply the criteria and guidelines that define effective stories. The course will include workshop activities that provide participants with the opportunity to begin writing stories for use with individuals they work or live with. 

Course content:

● Assessing the issues causing difficulty, and planning responses

● Structuring stories, defining sentence function, and using appropriate phrasing

● Individualising stories

● Effective strategies for introducing and presenting the story


Course led by Iain Chatwin