New to Special Education


£995* for 14 week course or individual days at £110 each

Places may still be booked for individual days

A course for experienced teachers who are new to teaching in special schools or academies, or new to a SENCO role, and those wishing to develop their knowledge in relation to teaching pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Many experienced teachers choose to make a career change from mainstream education to working in a special school or academy, or take on a SENCO role within a mainstream setting. Beginning your new role, whilst exciting , will bring challenges and the need to develop new skills and an enhanced knowledge base. To help support the transition, we are offering a course to enable teachers to transfer their skills to the rewarding context of special education.

The structured programme consists of whole day sessions run during the spring and summer terms. Each of these day will address a specific aspect of educating children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. Participants will discover new teaching methods, pedagogy and classroom structure; and become familiar with the terminology, legislation and guidance relevant to SEND. The course is relevant to qualifying and recently qualified teachers in special schools, and more experienced teachers who are new to special education.

*When purchasing the full course at £995, schools will be entitled to book 14 individual course places from the programme below. This allows the flexibility to designate different staff for each session, or to send up to 3 delegates to one session by relinquishing attendance at other sessions.





12th January      

Introduction to  SEND Code of Practice; SENCO Role;  Individual Education Plans (IEP); Education, Health & Care Plans (EHCP)


19th January      

Complex Needs and the Engagement for Learning Framework

 3  26th January      

Behaviour Management

 4  2nd February      

Visual Impairment

 5  9th February      

Speech, Language and Communication Needs

6 2nd March      

Supporting Literacy Development

7 9th March      


8 16th March      

Sensory Storytelling (a.m.)

Multisensory Impairments (p.m.)

9 20th April      

Profound & Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD)

10 27th April      

Autism & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

11 4th May      

Dyspraxia (Motor, Spatial, Verbal)

12 18th May      

Interventions for Physical Development and Inclusive PE

13 22nd June      

Inclusion: Student Voice & Inclusive Schools


29th June      

Sign-supported Communication (Signalong) (a.m.)

Dyslexia (p.m.)