A rainbow will shine and all will be well again


Hello everyone,


We hope you are all feeling well and keeping safe.  It really does feel strange not being with you in school, but hopefully you managed to take advantage of the lovely sunshine we had last week. 


Don’t forget to look at the school’s website for different activities being posted for you to use if you choose to do so.  You will find specific resources for our class in:

 ‘Home Learning/Subjects/Sensory Learning (PMLD)’. 



Don’t forget to look at the other folders too, especially Play and Mindfulness as well as Fun and Jokes!  Mr Brown will have some great things on there to make us all smile!


So until these pages are up and running, enjoy the extra time you have with your family.   We are missing you all lots and can’t wait until we are all back at school, but until then, stay safe.


Best wishes from Mrs Mole, Deb, Kirsten, Pauline and Steve

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