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Pathways Provision

The Pathways Team provides a transdisciplinary approach, supporting pupils aged 7-16  who are not attending school due to anxiety and/or neurodiverse needs (emotionally based school avoidance). Support is overseen and coordinated by a lead CCN specialist teacher, who will liaise with the pupil’s host school, parents, and external professionals. They will coordinate the transdisciplinary approach and provision, referring to the following specialists at Stage 2 as appropriate:

  • Cognitive assessments and SpLD diagnostics – Learning Support Team
  • Speech and Language Team
  • Occupational Therapy (e.g. sensory assessment, sensory diets, direct therapy etc.)
  • SEMH Advisory Team

The Team will:

  • Support at home—specialist teacher and/or specialist practitioner visits, virtual meetings, resources etc.
  • Support pupils to access community activities
  • Liaise and advise pupil’s host school
  • Attend professional meetings
  • Provide specialist reports
  • Provide support at the dedicated Pathways Team provision, which is designed to support up to four pupils on a part time, short term basis
  • Provide a transdisciplinary assessment of need, leading to a personalised learning pathways for each pupil
  • Provide pupils with opportunities to access accredited achievement schemes *
  • Support transition to enable reintegration into an appropriate full time educational provision

The provision of support is bespoke to each pupil to meet their individual needs, therefore timings for transition across the stages and  back to full time education, will vary. Transitions will be discussed at pupil review meetings.

Pathways Primary
Pathways Secondary
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