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As a County Council Maintained School, Chadsgrove is subject to Worcestershire County Council’s Policies on School Admissions.

Chadsgrove is a special school which caters for pupils aged 2–19 years whose special educational needs arise from their physical disability or a complex health need.  The school is listed with the Department for Education as a special school for pupils with physical disabilities.  The school accepts pupils with sensory impairments and mild, moderate, severe or specific learning difficulties in addition to their physical disabilities.

Most pupils at the school have an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP). A small number of pupils attend Chadsgrove on an assessment place whilst awaiting final completion of an EHCP which is likely to identify Chadsgrove School as the school at which the child’s special educational needs can be met.

Priority will be given to pupils living in the county of Worcestershire who live within reasonable travelling distance of the school, e.g. Redditch, Bromsgrove, Rubery, Kidderminster and Droitwich.  In addition a number of extra-district pupils from the surrounding area have and will be admitted when places are available, e.g. Dudley, Solihull, Birmingham, Warwickshire and Staffordshire.

A significant number of pupils attend Chadsgrove School after a period in mainstream schools, whilst others have left Chadsgrove to attend mainstream or other Special schools depending on their progress.  These decisions are made as part of the Annual Review process of the child’s statement or EHCP.


Parent carers who wish to have their child considered for admission to Chadsgrove School are urged to visit the school to discuss the possibilities with the Headteacher.  The school brochure and an information leaflet are available on request to interested parents.  The school would be reluctant to accept a child if the parents were unhappy with the placement.

Before a pupil commences at the school the parent carers are required to visit briefly to furnish essential medical details and complete the necessary consent forms to enable their child to participate fully in school activities.

All pupils of statutory school age will be offered transport to school daily if their respective LA agrees.  Pupils in Nursery and Post 16 are required to pay for this. In some situations where Chadsgrove School is not considered by the LA to be the nearest suitable placement, transport may not be offered.


Please contact the school office if you require any further information