Welcome to the Summer Term!

Careers Advisory Team

A team of experienced and professionally qualified Career Advisers who are  registered with the Career Development Institute, and accredited with the Matrix  Quality Standard for Information, Advice and Guidance.

The team's aims are:

  • To afford the school every support that is deemed necessary and desirable in the support of the students and those responsible for them
  • To deliver effectively and rigorously careers information, advice and guidance to young people; to maximise their life opportunities by promoting and enhancing participation and inclusion
  • To offer additional, intensive support to the more vulnerable young people. Our vision is to sustain these students within the school setting; to help them to participate in the development of strategies in order to achieve a positive outcome; and to ensure that all may become engaged with a variety of employment, education and training opportunities
  • To provide a high quality service that is universal yet tailored to the individual, so that all the young people may achieve good outcomes and reach their full potential, recognising however, some young people will need more support as they make that transition
  •  The services we can provide include:
  • Careers guidance interviews including a full action plan
  • Group work - choose from a range of topics such as employability workshops, apprenticeships and occupational awareness
  • Work with Parents and Carers at Parents’ evenings
  • Drop in sessions
  • Careers fair/employer events
  • Careers, information and guidance training for your staff
  • Tracking & follow up service that includes completion of your September

  Guarantee and Annual Activity returns and production of a Destination Report

  • Specifically tailored Career Action Plans that link directly into Education, Health & Care Plans for your students with special educational needs
  • Attendance at A Level and GCSE results day